Carpet Cleaning Service Tips and Tricks

Halloween parties can get pretty wild and spooky, especially if you host more than 10 kids in your home. Before organizing such an event, you must be fully aware that there will be a lot to clean and that you may even need to book a professional carpet cleaning service if there are stubborn stains to be removed.

Here are some of the most common cleaning problems that you may need to face:

  • Face crayon marks on your walls, carpets, and upholstery. Crayons which are specifically designed for face decoration are organic and in most cases can be cleaned very easy from upholstered and carpeted surfaces. The problem will be your walls, because if you have painted them with water-based paint and try to clean them with a soapy sponge, you may not only clean the crayons but also the entire paint. If you do not want to repaint your home’s interior after the party, you’d better call a professional cleaners for an alternative solution.
  • Food and drinks. Chocolates, cookies, chewing gums, caramelized apples, and other Halloween treats can be really sticky, so in order to clean them well, you’d better leave them dry first and scrape off whatever you can. As for the drinks, red fruit juices imitating blood are the most common damage that you may have to deal with. Unfortunately, in some cases nothing else besides a professional steam or dry carpet cleaning service will help you remove them.
  • Costumes. The glitter and small particles that fall from costumes can be extremely hard to clean, especially if your carpets are thick and fluffy and absorb lot of dirt. The first thing that you need to do is vacuum all of your carpets well immediately after the other kids leave. If you fail to do this and walk on these carpets for a few days before you clean them, you may not be able to extract these particles without expert help.

For any other unusual and shockingly big stains removal, we recommend you book a carpet cleaning service with A-1 Red Carpet Cleaning Service. We are a team of well-trained and equipped cleaners who are always ready to help homeowners in Centennial, CO with their after party cleaning sessions as well as any water-damage problems. Call us now, for more information about our special deals this fall!