First Steps after a Flood

Flood and water damage can become a huge headache; once you think the nightmare is over, problems continue appearing and the water comes from the walls, ceiling and flooring.

Without a proper water damage prevention company, water can still cause floors to buckle, damage the wall structures and allow mold and bacteria to grow inside your house.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make after a water disaster is not hiring a professional company to dry out every single corner of the house, do a thorough inspection and evaluate the damage. A golden rule of thumb is contacting a professional as soon as possible.

While waiting for your water damage restoration company, these are the essentials steps you should follow in order to prevent further damage:

-Shut off the main water valve, call a plumber to fix the plumber

-Call a water damage restoration company as soon as possible, and make sure they have the knowledge and equipment to deal with your problem.

-Mop the water to prevent fall hazards

-Stack all your furniture to prevent further damage

-Cut the electricity and unplug all electric appliances.

-If flooding reaches you above the knees, stay away from your house; just shut the main water valve, and open all the doors and windows you can. In dangerous situations, it is better to stay away and wait for the professionals to come.

Remember that your house needs to dry out before you can rebuild it; if appropriate measures are not taken, the problem will only get worse.

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