Do You Need to Book a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service to Get Rid of Stubborn Pet Stains?

No matter how much we love our four-legged friends, there are times when they really deserve to be punished for their behaviour. These cases usually involve situations when our cats or dogs do not use their restroom area to do what’s meant to be done there. The result – eyesore carpet stains and unbearable odors that grow stronger when more time passes by.

Where does pet odor come from and why does it increase over time?

Actually, pet urine only causes carpet staining. The real reason for odors to appear is that when pet urine stains are not cleaned immediately after “the accident”, they turn into a perfect habitat for bacteria growth. The more this bacteria grows, the stronger its smell becomes, and the more hazardous it gets for everyone inhabiting the property. This is why, sometimes a carpet cleaning service professional is the only way to get such a problem solved.

Why booking a professional cleaner instead of using a sponge and a dish-washing soap to clean the spot yourself?

Pet urine stains are a bit more specific. Even if you apply carpet cleaning detergents over such stains and scrub them well, there is a high chance that bacteria starts forming and growing. If the pet urine is not completely extracted from the fibers of your carpet with the help of a powerful steam cleaning machine, then fungus may still start growing and smelling bad!

How to book a carpet cleaning service specialist who works with a water-extraction machine?

You do not have to call a water-damage specialist to make sure that the cleaning can be done with a water extraction equipment. Pretty much any contractor in Centennial, CO has a portable steam-cleaning or shampooing machine with which you can extract moisture from carpet fibers. They need such machines to extract the soapy water after steam cleaning the carpet anyway.

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