Want to Try Your Hand at Some DIY Duct Cleaning?

Most homeowners are able to clean ducts without needing professional help, simply by replacing filters and cleaning the ducts and their covers themselves using simple everyday household tools.

Start the air duct cleaning process by first determining if the the exterior appears to be clean. Cleaning could still be necessary, and this can be checked by simply removing the grill and checking the walls around, should this area be dirty, the ducts will require a cleaning too.

Replacement filters and some basic tools will be required for the job. Homeowner will need rags, soft brushes, gloves, vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver. A hose attachment on the vacuum that has a brush head will also be needed. Turn the air conditioning off before beginning to clean the ducts. Once this is done, remove and check the filters within the unit. Filters need to be replaced around every six months. Should the filter be dirty, it will need to be replaced.

Remove all vent covers. For this, you will need the right screwdriver, remove the screws carefully so you do not drop them inside the ducts. Cleaning the ducts will not last should their covers be dirty. So use the soft brush and brush all grill surfaces, after which you should wipe them down using a damp rag, after which wipe again using a dry one.

Clean the ducts first by vacuuming the areas which can be reached with the vacuum attachment. Most ducts are made from metal; however, some are soft, and care has to be taken not to damage them. Once you have vacuumed, gently brush them, then wipe using a dry rag. Never trap moisture within the system. Lastly, vacuum any areas which can be reached, careful not to drop or leave anything within the ductwork.

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